Security Shutters in Kent & Surrounding Areas

Our team at Covered Solutions are available for advice on the installation of security shutters. Designed to reduce the chance of burglary and vandalism, our high quality and stylish security shutters provide a stylish look to enhance business or domestic properties. We are able to guarantee a high quality finish in a range of colours on our aluminium shutters.

Galvanised Security Shutters

Commercial Security Shutters

From the start to the finish, we will give assistance to ensure a security solution for your premises meets your specified criteria. Our team are available for maintenance and repairs to your security shutters as we appreciate the importance of this installation for your business or home.

Galvanised Security Shutters

A galvanised security shutters are security shutters that have had an added coat of zinc coating to prolong the security shutters lifespan and prevent rusting from occurring. Galvanised security shutters can be used in a range of different scenarios, including but not limited to:



  Shop Fronts


  Factory Units

  Office Spaces

Aluminium Security Shutters

Aluminum shutters protect the room from excess amounts of sun, heat, wind, and cold. Exterior shutters are permanent, so you don’t have to install plywood over windows before a storm. Aluminum shutters are durable, which provides good protect from high winds and debris.

Our Guarantees & Warranties

We’re so confident in the quality of all of our products that we offer all of our clients two years of warranty on all the parts and installation provided by our teams.

We offer a two year guarantee on all our security shutter installations & parts.

For any questions or queries relating to our warranties, please speak to one of team by contacting us on 01322 681109 or leave us a message on our contact us page.

Free, No Obligation Advice & Quotes

Whether you need aluminium security shutters, galvanised security shutters or even just advice as you are unsure; contact a member of our team today and we’d be happy to come round and give our honest advice. Any recommendations given by our staff are given to best suit your situation as want you, the customer, to be 100% satisfied with your security shutter.

Available in a Huge Range of Colours

Choose from our huge range over 900+ colours using our RAL colour chart. We can match a huge range of different colours so if you can’t find the exact colour speak to a member of staff to find out more information.